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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 65- Monthaversary, Birthday, and Announcements

So, I'm not sure who out there is still reading this but Trevor and I didn't break up or anything. This blog just got pushed down low on my priority list for a while. However, since it is Winter Break and I'm not working, there's not much else for me to do so I decided to sit down and update the blog a little bit.

I've been thinking about changing the blog title. When I started that blog I felt like "This Affects Me Too" was a perfect title for this. It was actually a quote from Trevor's roommate, Kayla while we were talking about the transition. I changed it to Life In Transition, which is both funny and true. Our life is in transition and it has been since October 29, 2010 and it will be in transition for the rest of our lives. I also changed the URL of the blog to**
**You should save it to your bookmarks and follow the blog! :) I'd really appreciate it and that way you can keep up with the blog without having to go check it everyday.

Today is Trevor's 2 month birthday! I can't believe that he came out two months ago. This means that, hopefully, he can start testosterone in just over a month. It seems like it was so long ago that the transition started and like it was just yesterday. We used to joke that we lived 10 years in a week at the beginning of our relationship so it feels like we've been dating forever. Trevor just got home from work and our adorable friend, Kira, came over because we're going to the casino tonight. She brought with her a super cute cake. He asked her what it was and she said, "Happy 2 month birthday!" She is so cute. We took pictures. I'll post some as soon as can get my hands on them. It looks like a little boy's birthday cake which is perfect, seeing as how he's only 2 months old.

Speaking of which, as of Christmas day (December 25th), Trevor and I have been dating for two months. Again, much like the transition, I find myself saying, "Two months already?" and "It's only been two months?". It's funny how time can fly and crawl at the same time. I am having so much fun with Trevor. He is so funny, kind, loving, and wonderful. I feel like the word "soulmates" fits. It feels like we were made for each other. I've never clicked like this with another human being before.

I created a Chip-In account for Trevor's Top Surgery. Trevor's friend, Ethan, set up a Chip-In account for his top surgery and he got a couple contributions. Chip-In is tied to PayPal and it basically allows people to donate money to other people online. It is safe and secure. No worries about identity theft. I put a link to Trevor and Ethan's Chip-In accounts underneath the blog archive on the right-hand side of the screen. If you can and want to please feel free to contribute to either or both of their causes. Ethan has received $70 at this point and his goal is $5,700 by March 17th (which is the date his surgery is set for!!!). I set Trevor's amount for $7,000 because it was the average cost of top surgery that I found when I was researching it online. Every little bit helps, even if you can only give a little bit to either Trevor or Ethan, it will help them so much. These guys really want and need this surgery. Trevor hasn't even started to look at surgeons yet, so there is no time crunch for him, however, Ethan's date is set: March 17, 2011. Congrats Ethan.

Here are links to both accounts:
Ethan Gorton's Top Surgery Fund
Trevor's Top Surgery Chip-In

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Days 58-62 Christmas with the Johnsons

The Tuesday before Christmas Trevor and I made the drive out to Ashby, MN to spend Christmas with his family, who he hadn't come out to yet. I was so nervous. I really wanted them to like me. We got there and as soon as we walked in the door people began saying, "Hi Kayla!" and "Kayla's here!" That was a little weird at first but I figured I'd get used to it. I figured he'd have a hard time hearing "The K Word" all week but he's pretty strong in public. After we'd been there a while, he asked his grandma (who he lived with from the time he was 6 until he got his own place in St. Cloud) if he could talk to her. They went to the back of the house, where her bedroom is and talked. He said that she said, "Let's talk about this tomorrow, we have company." He told his cousin, Amanda, who took it well and is still really supportive. She still slips on the name and pronouns, but that's to be expected. We sat around and smoked, drank, and played cards all night. Trevor and I got a bit intoxicated, which isn't the proper way to deal with emotions but it helped me. Trevor had a hard time with the "K Word" but once we slept I think we both felt better. We spent the rest of our time at his grandma's smoking, drinking, playing cards, and watching TV with his cousins. The night before we left was interesting. It was Christmas Eve. We had lunch, then Trevor and I took a nap. When we woke up they had already started exchanging gifts. We finished that and then just kind of hung out. Trevor and I hung out with his cousin Sam. Then he decided to talk to his grandma. I was sitting at the dining room table with Sam and he and his grandma were in the living room. I couldn't hear more than a couple words. After that we sat around, and Trevor discovered StumbleUpon. Then, he had me take a bath in the HUGE bathtub at his grandma's. It was so nice. It was a whirlpool. After I got out of the tub, however, I almost fainted. I blacked out for a couple minutes. When I came to Trevor and I were sitting on his grandma's couch in her bedroom and I couldn't remember how I got there. We got up the next morning, packed our stuff, ate, and headed back to St. Cloud.

During this time we discovered what "our song" is. It's "Tearing Up My Heart" by NSYNC. At the end of September I ended up riding to after social with Kayla, Trevor, and Kira. On the way we were jamming out to NSYNC's first CD in Trevor's jeep. We had so much fun. Then, Trevor sat next to me at after social. He kept putting his arm on the back of my chair and turning to talk to me. We flirted all night. Then, afterwards, they dropped me back on-campus. They dropped me off at Benton Hall, where Sammie lives because I was going to go hang out with Sammie and a bunch of our friends after after social. I was sitting on Facebook a couple hours after Trevor, Kayla, and Kira had dropped me off and Trevor Strong (Trevor's drag persona) had written on my wall: "You tear up my heart! ;) ♥ N'sync". My heart almost stopped. I was so giddy. I responded to Trevor Strong's wall: "Baby, I don't understand. Just why we can't be lovers."We were listening to that CD while we were going, in, and coming home from Ashby and Trevor remembered that story and we decided that "Tearing Up My Heart" would be our song.