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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 65- Monthaversary, Birthday, and Announcements

So, I'm not sure who out there is still reading this but Trevor and I didn't break up or anything. This blog just got pushed down low on my priority list for a while. However, since it is Winter Break and I'm not working, there's not much else for me to do so I decided to sit down and update the blog a little bit.

I've been thinking about changing the blog title. When I started that blog I felt like "This Affects Me Too" was a perfect title for this. It was actually a quote from Trevor's roommate, Kayla while we were talking about the transition. I changed it to Life In Transition, which is both funny and true. Our life is in transition and it has been since October 29, 2010 and it will be in transition for the rest of our lives. I also changed the URL of the blog to**
**You should save it to your bookmarks and follow the blog! :) I'd really appreciate it and that way you can keep up with the blog without having to go check it everyday.

Today is Trevor's 2 month birthday! I can't believe that he came out two months ago. This means that, hopefully, he can start testosterone in just over a month. It seems like it was so long ago that the transition started and like it was just yesterday. We used to joke that we lived 10 years in a week at the beginning of our relationship so it feels like we've been dating forever. Trevor just got home from work and our adorable friend, Kira, came over because we're going to the casino tonight. She brought with her a super cute cake. He asked her what it was and she said, "Happy 2 month birthday!" She is so cute. We took pictures. I'll post some as soon as can get my hands on them. It looks like a little boy's birthday cake which is perfect, seeing as how he's only 2 months old.

Speaking of which, as of Christmas day (December 25th), Trevor and I have been dating for two months. Again, much like the transition, I find myself saying, "Two months already?" and "It's only been two months?". It's funny how time can fly and crawl at the same time. I am having so much fun with Trevor. He is so funny, kind, loving, and wonderful. I feel like the word "soulmates" fits. It feels like we were made for each other. I've never clicked like this with another human being before.

I created a Chip-In account for Trevor's Top Surgery. Trevor's friend, Ethan, set up a Chip-In account for his top surgery and he got a couple contributions. Chip-In is tied to PayPal and it basically allows people to donate money to other people online. It is safe and secure. No worries about identity theft. I put a link to Trevor and Ethan's Chip-In accounts underneath the blog archive on the right-hand side of the screen. If you can and want to please feel free to contribute to either or both of their causes. Ethan has received $70 at this point and his goal is $5,700 by March 17th (which is the date his surgery is set for!!!). I set Trevor's amount for $7,000 because it was the average cost of top surgery that I found when I was researching it online. Every little bit helps, even if you can only give a little bit to either Trevor or Ethan, it will help them so much. These guys really want and need this surgery. Trevor hasn't even started to look at surgeons yet, so there is no time crunch for him, however, Ethan's date is set: March 17, 2011. Congrats Ethan.

Here are links to both accounts:
Ethan Gorton's Top Surgery Fund
Trevor's Top Surgery Chip-In

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Days 58-62 Christmas with the Johnsons

The Tuesday before Christmas Trevor and I made the drive out to Ashby, MN to spend Christmas with his family, who he hadn't come out to yet. I was so nervous. I really wanted them to like me. We got there and as soon as we walked in the door people began saying, "Hi Kayla!" and "Kayla's here!" That was a little weird at first but I figured I'd get used to it. I figured he'd have a hard time hearing "The K Word" all week but he's pretty strong in public. After we'd been there a while, he asked his grandma (who he lived with from the time he was 6 until he got his own place in St. Cloud) if he could talk to her. They went to the back of the house, where her bedroom is and talked. He said that she said, "Let's talk about this tomorrow, we have company." He told his cousin, Amanda, who took it well and is still really supportive. She still slips on the name and pronouns, but that's to be expected. We sat around and smoked, drank, and played cards all night. Trevor and I got a bit intoxicated, which isn't the proper way to deal with emotions but it helped me. Trevor had a hard time with the "K Word" but once we slept I think we both felt better. We spent the rest of our time at his grandma's smoking, drinking, playing cards, and watching TV with his cousins. The night before we left was interesting. It was Christmas Eve. We had lunch, then Trevor and I took a nap. When we woke up they had already started exchanging gifts. We finished that and then just kind of hung out. Trevor and I hung out with his cousin Sam. Then he decided to talk to his grandma. I was sitting at the dining room table with Sam and he and his grandma were in the living room. I couldn't hear more than a couple words. After that we sat around, and Trevor discovered StumbleUpon. Then, he had me take a bath in the HUGE bathtub at his grandma's. It was so nice. It was a whirlpool. After I got out of the tub, however, I almost fainted. I blacked out for a couple minutes. When I came to Trevor and I were sitting on his grandma's couch in her bedroom and I couldn't remember how I got there. We got up the next morning, packed our stuff, ate, and headed back to St. Cloud.

During this time we discovered what "our song" is. It's "Tearing Up My Heart" by NSYNC. At the end of September I ended up riding to after social with Kayla, Trevor, and Kira. On the way we were jamming out to NSYNC's first CD in Trevor's jeep. We had so much fun. Then, Trevor sat next to me at after social. He kept putting his arm on the back of my chair and turning to talk to me. We flirted all night. Then, afterwards, they dropped me back on-campus. They dropped me off at Benton Hall, where Sammie lives because I was going to go hang out with Sammie and a bunch of our friends after after social. I was sitting on Facebook a couple hours after Trevor, Kayla, and Kira had dropped me off and Trevor Strong (Trevor's drag persona) had written on my wall: "You tear up my heart! ;) ♥ N'sync". My heart almost stopped. I was so giddy. I responded to Trevor Strong's wall: "Baby, I don't understand. Just why we can't be lovers."We were listening to that CD while we were going, in, and coming home from Ashby and Trevor remembered that story and we decided that "Tearing Up My Heart" would be our song. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 44- Wise words and a connection made

I've been trying to keep this blog as chronologically accurate as possible but there is one little story I'd like to share with you guys that is kind of related to Trevor's and my situation. From time to time the LGBT Resource Center puts together this talk called Speaker's Bureau. The Director of the LGBT Resource Center, Heidi Aldes, came and spoke to us during our Outloud! meeting this past Wednesday. During this time you go through the acronym GLBTIQQA and what each of the terms mean. For those of you who might be reading this and looking at the "GLBTIQQA" and wondering if it's in another language, it's not. It stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, and Ally. I think this discussion should be part of curriculum in schools. It was so meaningful. Then Heidi said something really cool: "Who we are with does not define who we are." I've been posting this quote everywhere. As I said in a previous post, "Who I am hasn't changed and if someone can't deal with my sexuality and it is such a big deal that they'll stop talking to me, then it seems like they have some problems of their own to work on." Whether I'm with Kayla or Trevor or someone else, it doesn't change who I am. That quote just means so much to me.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 7- Housewife Halloween

Sunday, October 31, 2010:
The next day Trevor had to work from 2-10 at SA. So, Kayla, Holly, and I decided to have a housewife day. We went shopping and got stuff to make cookies and treats and Holly and I made pickle roll-ups (a slice of ham smeared with cream cheese rolled around a pickle... so good). We came back to the apartment and started making the food. Then Kayla and I knitted for a while. Then my phone rang. It was my mom. I hadn't told her about Trevor yet.

The initial conversation did NOT go well. I said something about waiting for Trevor getting home from work. This is how the conversation went, as much as I can remember:

M: Who's Trevor?
A: My boyfriend.
M: What about Kayla?
A: Oh I'm not with Kayla anymore. I'm with Trevor now.
M: Is Trevor a boy or a girl?
A: A boy.
M: Was he born a boy or does he just think he's a boy? [1st thing that pissed me off]
A: He's a boy.

The conversation went on and I explain to her about Trevor being transgender and the name/pronoun change. Then all Hell broke loose.* She made a comment about how to avoid an mistakes with the pronouns on her part she was just going to call Trevor "herm" or "shim" [2nd thing that pissed me off], to which I replied, "No, you will not." We talked about it some more then I explained to her that Trevor had given several outs ["Get out of jail free cards" for the relationship, in case I couldn't handle it] and that I didn't want them and did not plan on taking them.
*NOTE: After this conversation with my mom I decided that I was done and not going home for Thanksgiving.

The conversation took a much more positive turn at that point. Once we hung up I got in the shower and got my surprise Halloween costume ready for when Trevor got home from work. He was dressed up as Clark Kent [Superman's alterego] for work, so naturally, I decided to dress as Lois Lane. I'll put a picture of it in this post. I hid in the bathroom when we knew he was coming into the apartment and then showed him. Then pictures were taken. We looked pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 6- Great friends and a first date

The night Trevor came out to me was rough. I finally fell asleep around 6 AM, which would have been fine except I had made plans with my wonderful friend, Kerri, to go shopping and cut my hair the next morning. She was going to pick me up at 10 AM. Surprisingly, I woke up fairly close to 10 o'clock, got ready and met Kerri over at Atwood. She and I walked down to the Apocalypse Room to see our friend, Sara, who hugged me and asked how I was doing. We talked briefly, then Kerri and I headed out for our girl's afternoon. We went to the mall and walked around for a while. Kerri was so wonderful throughout the whole time we spent together. She even stopped in the middle of the mall and sat on a bench with me while I spent some time being overwhelmed and collecting my thoughts and feelings. After that we went to Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply and looked at pretty stuff. Mostly makeup because Kerri and I love makeup. Next, it was off to Kerri's apartment for my haircut. She popped in The Wizard of Oz and began cutting. My hair looked so cute. Here's a Before & After picture.

When the hair was cut and the movie was over, Kerri brought me back to campus. I went to my dorm room and gathered up my stuff to get ready and headed over Benton Hall where my friends Alyssa, Daniel, Zach, and Jasmine were hanging out. We all talked and smoked a little hookah. Then Trevor called to work out the details of our double date with Kayla and Holly, which was not only our first date but the first day I'd EVER been on. As we were getting off the phone I said, "Well, baby, I'm gonna go straighten my hair. What's left of it anyway" and he yelled, "What do you mean 'what's left of it'?" I was trying to make him think I'd cut it all off. [He has a tendency to cut his hair when he's upset about something, as I later found out. So in his mind, I'm sure he was expecting a bald head.] I went into the bathroom and did my hair and makeup while Alyssa, Jazz, and Zach were talking to me and answering me when I asked, "Does this look okay?" every five seconds. After that, Zach and I went to eat dinner at Garvey and then went back to my dorm room. Then Jazz came over and they started to get ready for the Halloween party they were going to that night. Then Trevor, Kayla, and Holly came to pick me up. When I walked to the car, I tucked the longer parts of my hair behind my shoulders and put up my hood so only the shorter layers, that were about chin-length were sticking out. When I got into the car I was greeted with a kiss (from Trevor of course, ha ha) and asked him if he wanted to see my hair and he saw a short piece fall out from behind the hood and the look on his face almost made me burst out laughing. He looked so scared. Then I pulled down the hood and he saw it and liked it. 

We headed over to the hockey arena and watched the game. Trevor and I talked the whole time, we missed most of the game. We found out that we have matching injuries. We've both broken our left wrist and right ankle. We both also have a numb spot on our knee.

After the game, we stopped at the video store and rented some movies to take back to Trevor and Kayla's apartment and watch. We watched "Bambi" and "Beauty and the Beast". Trevor and I gave each other back rubs and he got to witness my obsession with "Beauty and the Beast". I have the entire movie memorized and was saying the lines along with the movie. Later we went to bed because Trevor had to work the next day, but not until 2 PM.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 5- I'm about to complicate your life

Friday October 29, 2010:
I dozed for fifteen minutes at a time for a while but for the most part I got less then an hour and a half of sleep that night. Zach and I went to the center to wait for Kayla to get to school, and to avoid falling asleep. After a while my friend, Daniel, joined me and we napped in chairs outside of the center. Then Daniel and I went to Garvey (the campus dining hall) to get something to eat since we hadn't eaten in a long time. Throughout our time at Garvey I had text Kayla to say good morning and we were texting for a while and she sent me a text saying something to the effect of "I don't want to see or talk to anyone until I've talked to Heidi (the director of the LGBT Resource center)." I was really confused and worried. I was worried that something bad had happened or that she was going to break up with me. Although, we had only been together for four days I knew that if she dumped me it would devastate me. We had Drag Practice that night so I was helping Daniel bind and Zach shave, but I had to give up because I was flipping out.

Eventually, she and Kayla came out of Heidi's office. She came over to me, I was sitting at the table on my computer, listening to music, trying not to freak out. She asked me if I wanted to go out and smoke and I said, "Yes" really quickly. The reason she asked if I wanted to go smoke was I hate it when people say any of the following things:

"Hey, I need to talk to you."
"Can we talk?"
"We need to have talk."
"I need to tell you something."

It makes me panic and I always assume the worst. So, thank God she didn't say "Let's go outside and talk." I probably would've passed out on the way outside.

We went outside to sit on the grassy knoll outside of Atwood by the "gay door" (the nearest exterior door to the LGBT Resource Center, which has been named the "gay door"). As we were sitting down she said, "Well, I'm about to complicate your life." and then said that she might start crying. I told her she should probably spit it out before I have a heart attack. She looked at me and said, "I'm transgender" and then explained to me that she was going to begin living as she felt she was intended to, as a man. I replied with, "Ok" and kissed him on the cheek. He offered me an out, saying that if I couldn't handle this I could end the relationship with no hard feelings. I didn't take the out because I didn't want it. I asked, "So, now you're my boyfriend?" He said yes and that his name was Trevor now. We sat and talked and kissed for a while. He told me that not many people knew and that he had a list of five people to tell in person and then he would be sending out a mass text message that night. I wasn't allowed to tell anyone until that text went out. After that we went inside to get ready for drag practice. He had facial hair on and he looked so cute. I could tell by just watching him that he was happier, that there had been a weight lifted off his shoulders. I was so happy that he was happy. Since he was in drag everyone referred to him as Trevor, even though only Kayla, Holly, and I knew.

During drag practice, Kayla revealed the song she'd be performing at the drag show that had been a secret from her fiancee, Holly. It was their song "Baby, I Love You" by the Ramones. It was so cute. Holly was so surprised. She jumped up on stage and hugged Kayla. Overall, it was a really great practice. Kayla and Holly suggested that we go on a double date the next night to a hockey game and afterwards go to their apartment and watch movies. I was on board but it was up to Trevor. He agreed. It was a date, my first date ever, in fact. I was so excited. Trevor, Kayla, and Holly needed to leave after we smoked after practice because Trevor had more people he had to tell face to face before the text could go out.

After that, I went back to my dorm with my friend, Jill who had met me at practice. We sat in my room and watched TV until Zach got back from a show he'd gone to. He was still in drag and we decided that the three of us would go to Applebee's and get some half-price appetizers. We got back to my dorm and Zach got the mass text message. I explain everything to him and to Jill. Then my friend, Amanda, and her boyfriend, Blake, came over and I told them. I also told my friend that lived in my building, Josh, about it. Everyone hugged me and asked if I was okay. I told them I was dealing with it and that it was going to be a big adjustment. I was just glad that he was happier. Then everyone left. Well, Amanda and Blake went back to Amanda's dorm and Jill was downstairs on the stoop talking on the phone. It was just Zach and I in my room. We were talking about it and I kept messing up his name and the pronouns and I just lost it. I cried for a few hours with Zach, just talking through my feelings. Zach cried with me for a while. Then Jill came back up to my room and cried with us. Then we made some food and watched some movies. Zach slept on my floor and Jill went back to her room to sleep.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 4- Squealing lesbians and eating in public

Thursday October 28, 2010:
Note: I don't remember much about Thursday. Friday pretty much stole Thursday's thunder.

Kayla and I went to the LGBT Potluck with our friends from Alliance. The potluck was a struggle for me since I hate eating in public, but I ate something anyway because Daniel, who was supposed to be eating three times per day said that he would eat if I did, so I made myself a plate. My friend, Kerri, was going to leave and I didn't want her walking across campus alone at night so I walked with her to her car and she drove me back to Mitchell Hall, where the potluck was being held. Once I was back I sat down for a little bit. Then I was talking to my friend Sara, who thought Kayla and I were the cutest thing ever. We were putting on our jackets and getting our backpacks, getting ready to leave and I decided to do something for Sara. Just seeing us sit together and hold hands left her grinning in our direction. We joked that her head might explode if she saw us kiss. So, I got Sara's attention, walked over to Kayla and kissed her. Sara let out this high-pitched squeal that got the attention of everyone in the room. We all laughed. It was so funny. 

After that Kayla and I joined some of my friends for a showing of "Salt" at the Atwood Theater. Kayla had to get home early to practice the drag song she was doing with Kayla (roommate), so she went home right after the movie. Then I went back to my room and spent time with my roommate and friends. Then Zach , Jill, and I had a movie night and decided to pull and all-nighter.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 1- I'm coming out, I want the world to know... Or, well, just my parents

Monday October 25, 2010:
So, after Kayla dropped me back off at my dorm our relationship went "Facebook Official". When I woke up that morning I realized that I still hadn't come out to my parents and was now 'in a relationship with' a woman with a fohawk. I thought that my parents (or at least my mom, since my dad doesn't use his Facebook all that often) would start to get suspicious. So, I called my mom at work and told her, not only that I was bisexual but that I had a girlfriend. She didn't really react. She just kind of said, "Okay, thanks for telling me." She later told me that she thought it was "weird" and that she just "wants me to be happy, but doesn't think this will make me happy". Then I called my dad and told him and he also seemed to say, "Okay". Later when I talked to him he said that if this was who I am and how I feel then that's my deal. I was frustrated, well, actually I was hurt and really angry. I really expected them to freak out and be really upset but their seeming indifference really made me mad. I just wanted them to take a stand on it either way, you know? I wanted to know how they feel. I know that they love me no matter what but I wish we could talk about it. It gets really frustrating at times. I want to yell, "HEY! THIS IS HUGE! THIS IS A BIG DEAL! LET'S TALK ABOUT IT!" But, they will talk to me about it when they are ready to talk about it.

Part of me thinks that my dad is sort of okay with this. Just they way he and I have interacted since I came out gives me the feeling that he is accepting of it. However, I think my mom thinks it's a phase. I feel like she's saying to herself, "Okay, this is a cute phase, Add. Let me know when you're done experimenting." I don't know if I'll ever know how they feel about it. We aren't so good at talking about our feelings in my family. That's okay with me because I'm finally happy. I'm not hiding a huge part of who I am from people anymore. I feel so free. I can finally be myself and the people that have a problem with it are not worth my time. I don't need anyone in my life that can't accept this part of me. I don't need any excess negativity in my life right now. I need people who will support me and love me for who I am. Whether I'm dating a man, woman, or transgender person, it doesn't matter. Who I am hasn't changed and if someone can't deal with my sexuality and it is such a big deal that they'll stop talking to me, then it seems like they have some problems of their own to work on.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start

So, Trevor and I have been together for a few weeks now. I have decided to start writing down my thoughts, worries, feelings, fears, and experiences during the transition/our relationship. This blog will be an almost complete account of what I am going through. There are some details that I will be, of course, leaving out of the blog because they are private. I am going to be very honest. I have been doing research on this subject and there are very few books that cover the subject of dating/being in a relationship with someone who is transgender. I found one book called "My Husband Betty" which is about a woman who is married to a transgender woman (a man who is living as a woman). I am considering turning this experience into a book. Names would, of course, to be changed to protect those that I don't want to out.

 Trevor & Me Halloween 2010 (Clark Kent & Lois Lane)

Here is a story leading up to our relationship:

October 7, 2010
For LGBT Alliance we went to the campus movie theater and saw "The Kids Are Alright". It was a really good LGBT themed movie starring Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, and Mark Ruffalo. After the movie my crush (Kayla), her roommate (also named Kayla), and several other of the queers (we refer to ourselves as "queers" in the LGBT community here) were standing outside of Atwood smoking and talking about the movie. Eventually it was just down to me and "The Kaylas", as they were called, standing outside. They were ready to leave so they walked me halfway to my dorm building. Now, I've had a crush on Kayla for about a month or so. I'm trying to not act like a blithering idiot in front of her as much as possible. I got a hug from her that night, a few weeks before that we had held hands as a joke and she asked me for a hug once, which I obviously gave her. When it came time to part ways I got a hug from Kayla. I pretty much skipped back to my room. I was so giddy. I told my roommate about it and squealed and giggled.

Alright, here's a summary of our relationship thus far...

October 22, 2010:
We went out on a queer outing to Molitor's Haunted Acres, a haunted hayride/maze just outside of town, after drag practice. We were in line for a couple hours and I kept floating between standing next to Kayla and with some friends that I came with. The night before a girl that is involved with the LGBT community at school (Sarah K) had expressed to me that she had "been in love with Kayla for three years", in my mind pretty much trying to 'claim' Kayla as "her property" and telling me to effectively step off. She had permanently fixed herself at Kayla's side for most of the wait time. As we got up to the doors my friends, Zach and Jill, somehow blocked her and pushed me right into Kayla's back. Then we went out of the door and got onto the hayride. Kayla said, "Who's gonna sit by me?" and I quickly yelled "Me!" before Skp could claim the spot next to her. I was really freaked out and nervous about the whole experience and the Kayla held out her hand for me to hold. I felt like my brain had shut off for a few minutes. Then Sarah K sat on the other side of me and held my other hand, which was a nice gesture but I was so focused on the hand that was holding my right hand that I wouldn't have noticed if the left one had gotten cut off with a chainsaw. I then spent most of the hayride with my face buried in Kayla's arm. :) Then we got off of the hayride and went to stand in line for the walking portion of the experience and Kayla was still holding my hand, but this time, Sarah K had come on the other side and was holding the other hand. Eventually I let go of Kayla's hand because I wasn't about to fight over Kayla with some girl. That's certainly not the way to make a good impression, especially with Kayla who was as my friends have said "is the nicest person on the planet". I went through the haunted house, well the first one any way, with Jill, Zach, and Ali and proceeded to have some kind of nervous breakdown. I started sobbing and had to be removed by security. When the rest of our group came out Kayla walked up to me and gave me a hug because I didn't make it through the maze. After the hug we were talking. During our talk Jill and Zach noticed that Sarah K walked up closer to Kayla and started rubbing her back. They told me about this after and I got super angry. But I was so giddy about the hugging and hand holding that I let it go.

Saturday October 23, 2010:
This was the night of Club Red, the homecoming dance that was put on by the University Programming Board. I spent about three hours getting ready because somehow I had convinced Kayla to come after she had said that she didn't know if she wanted to go [Note: I just found out that she actually said she didn't know if she was going to go to see if I was going and if I would try to get her to go, very sneaky, baby]. I went over early to help set up but most of the work was already done when I got there. Her roommate Kayla saw me first and made a big fuss over how I looked and then Kayla turned and looked at me and smiled and made a comment about how I looked. I don't remember exactly what she said but I know it was good. I spent the rest of the night with Kayla and my friends that had come to the dance. Kayla and I were dancing during the dance and I kept wanting to kiss her but I was too afraid. Midway through the dance I got into a fight with Sarah K via text message (very mature of me, I know) and ended up blurting out that I liked Kayla. She looked surprised and said, "Wait, you like me?" to which I quickly replied "Yes" and tried to change the subject.   After I blurted out that I liked her we were standing outside and she had her arm around me and told me that she liked me too. I accted surprised but I already knew. At this point I knew that she liked me because she had told my friend Sammie who told me [and apparently she knew I liked her because I had told K and K told Kayla], so we both knew that the other one liked us but were waiting for the other one to make a move. After the dance we all (Me, Kayla, Zach, Jill, Kenzei, Danielle (my roommate), and Amanda) went to Perkin's and I rode to the restaurant with Kayla and we held hands. :) After we ate we went back to my dorm and watched movies in the lounge. Kayla and I cuddled the whole time and both eventually fell asleep. It was about 7 AM and Kayla was going to go home. I walked her to my car, we hugged, then we kissed. Did I mention it was raining at the time? I know, so adorable. The kiss was perfect, in the rain, and there was no awkward "Oh my God, are we gonna kiss?" moment. It just happened. There were sparks, on my end. I haven't asked the other party involved.

Sunday October 24, 2010:
I spent this day with my friends because Kayla was at work. Around 5 PM I got a phone call from Kayla (roommate) asking if I wanted to come over and watch "Rocky Horror Picture Show" with her, her fiancee Holly, and Kayla [The Kaylas hadn't seen it before]. I agreed. Kayla (roommate) picked me up at 9:30 PM and took me to their place. I hung out with her and Holly until Kayla came home from work. Kayla and I cuddled on the couch while we watched the movie. We kissed a few more times. After the movie was over Holly went to bed and Kayla (roommate), Kayla and I talked for a while. Then, after a while, Kayla (roommate) went to bed and Kayla and I kept talking. She ended up asking me about what being in a relationship meant to me and we talked about that. Then the subject came up that she had never been asked out before so I turned to her and said, "Kayla, will you be my girlfriend?" She said yes and we kissed. 

[Note: I asked her out at 3:30 AM on Monday but I'm including the story in Sunday because that's when it started.]