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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 6- Great friends and a first date

The night Trevor came out to me was rough. I finally fell asleep around 6 AM, which would have been fine except I had made plans with my wonderful friend, Kerri, to go shopping and cut my hair the next morning. She was going to pick me up at 10 AM. Surprisingly, I woke up fairly close to 10 o'clock, got ready and met Kerri over at Atwood. She and I walked down to the Apocalypse Room to see our friend, Sara, who hugged me and asked how I was doing. We talked briefly, then Kerri and I headed out for our girl's afternoon. We went to the mall and walked around for a while. Kerri was so wonderful throughout the whole time we spent together. She even stopped in the middle of the mall and sat on a bench with me while I spent some time being overwhelmed and collecting my thoughts and feelings. After that we went to Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply and looked at pretty stuff. Mostly makeup because Kerri and I love makeup. Next, it was off to Kerri's apartment for my haircut. She popped in The Wizard of Oz and began cutting. My hair looked so cute. Here's a Before & After picture.

When the hair was cut and the movie was over, Kerri brought me back to campus. I went to my dorm room and gathered up my stuff to get ready and headed over Benton Hall where my friends Alyssa, Daniel, Zach, and Jasmine were hanging out. We all talked and smoked a little hookah. Then Trevor called to work out the details of our double date with Kayla and Holly, which was not only our first date but the first day I'd EVER been on. As we were getting off the phone I said, "Well, baby, I'm gonna go straighten my hair. What's left of it anyway" and he yelled, "What do you mean 'what's left of it'?" I was trying to make him think I'd cut it all off. [He has a tendency to cut his hair when he's upset about something, as I later found out. So in his mind, I'm sure he was expecting a bald head.] I went into the bathroom and did my hair and makeup while Alyssa, Jazz, and Zach were talking to me and answering me when I asked, "Does this look okay?" every five seconds. After that, Zach and I went to eat dinner at Garvey and then went back to my dorm room. Then Jazz came over and they started to get ready for the Halloween party they were going to that night. Then Trevor, Kayla, and Holly came to pick me up. When I walked to the car, I tucked the longer parts of my hair behind my shoulders and put up my hood so only the shorter layers, that were about chin-length were sticking out. When I got into the car I was greeted with a kiss (from Trevor of course, ha ha) and asked him if he wanted to see my hair and he saw a short piece fall out from behind the hood and the look on his face almost made me burst out laughing. He looked so scared. Then I pulled down the hood and he saw it and liked it. 

We headed over to the hockey arena and watched the game. Trevor and I talked the whole time, we missed most of the game. We found out that we have matching injuries. We've both broken our left wrist and right ankle. We both also have a numb spot on our knee.

After the game, we stopped at the video store and rented some movies to take back to Trevor and Kayla's apartment and watch. We watched "Bambi" and "Beauty and the Beast". Trevor and I gave each other back rubs and he got to witness my obsession with "Beauty and the Beast". I have the entire movie memorized and was saying the lines along with the movie. Later we went to bed because Trevor had to work the next day, but not until 2 PM.

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