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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 4- Squealing lesbians and eating in public

Thursday October 28, 2010:
Note: I don't remember much about Thursday. Friday pretty much stole Thursday's thunder.

Kayla and I went to the LGBT Potluck with our friends from Alliance. The potluck was a struggle for me since I hate eating in public, but I ate something anyway because Daniel, who was supposed to be eating three times per day said that he would eat if I did, so I made myself a plate. My friend, Kerri, was going to leave and I didn't want her walking across campus alone at night so I walked with her to her car and she drove me back to Mitchell Hall, where the potluck was being held. Once I was back I sat down for a little bit. Then I was talking to my friend Sara, who thought Kayla and I were the cutest thing ever. We were putting on our jackets and getting our backpacks, getting ready to leave and I decided to do something for Sara. Just seeing us sit together and hold hands left her grinning in our direction. We joked that her head might explode if she saw us kiss. So, I got Sara's attention, walked over to Kayla and kissed her. Sara let out this high-pitched squeal that got the attention of everyone in the room. We all laughed. It was so funny. 

After that Kayla and I joined some of my friends for a showing of "Salt" at the Atwood Theater. Kayla had to get home early to practice the drag song she was doing with Kayla (roommate), so she went home right after the movie. Then I went back to my room and spent time with my roommate and friends. Then Zach , Jill, and I had a movie night and decided to pull and all-nighter.

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