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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 7- Housewife Halloween

Sunday, October 31, 2010:
The next day Trevor had to work from 2-10 at SA. So, Kayla, Holly, and I decided to have a housewife day. We went shopping and got stuff to make cookies and treats and Holly and I made pickle roll-ups (a slice of ham smeared with cream cheese rolled around a pickle... so good). We came back to the apartment and started making the food. Then Kayla and I knitted for a while. Then my phone rang. It was my mom. I hadn't told her about Trevor yet.

The initial conversation did NOT go well. I said something about waiting for Trevor getting home from work. This is how the conversation went, as much as I can remember:

M: Who's Trevor?
A: My boyfriend.
M: What about Kayla?
A: Oh I'm not with Kayla anymore. I'm with Trevor now.
M: Is Trevor a boy or a girl?
A: A boy.
M: Was he born a boy or does he just think he's a boy? [1st thing that pissed me off]
A: He's a boy.

The conversation went on and I explain to her about Trevor being transgender and the name/pronoun change. Then all Hell broke loose.* She made a comment about how to avoid an mistakes with the pronouns on her part she was just going to call Trevor "herm" or "shim" [2nd thing that pissed me off], to which I replied, "No, you will not." We talked about it some more then I explained to her that Trevor had given several outs ["Get out of jail free cards" for the relationship, in case I couldn't handle it] and that I didn't want them and did not plan on taking them.
*NOTE: After this conversation with my mom I decided that I was done and not going home for Thanksgiving.

The conversation took a much more positive turn at that point. Once we hung up I got in the shower and got my surprise Halloween costume ready for when Trevor got home from work. He was dressed up as Clark Kent [Superman's alterego] for work, so naturally, I decided to dress as Lois Lane. I'll put a picture of it in this post. I hid in the bathroom when we knew he was coming into the apartment and then showed him. Then pictures were taken. We looked pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself.

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