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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 218- I've been doing some thinking

So, as the title of this post says, I've been doing some thinking, about this blog in particular. The name of the blog is "Life in Transition: My Guide to Loving a Trans Man", but  there is no guide aspect to it. It's more of a life update sort of thing. I debated about maybe changing the name of the blog and just continuing with the way it's been going but then I remembered why I started this blog. I started this blog to educate people and reach out to people who don't know much about trans issues and/or who might have questions for me (or any other partner of a trans person or a trans person). I'll still be updating you guys on our lives, life, and our relationship, but I'm going to put more of a trans emphasis on this blog. I'm going to spend more time talking about issues for trans people, providing resources, and doing research to help trans people and their SOFFAs (Significant Others/Friends/Family/Allies) to help them find answers to questions, help them make informed decisions, and to expand my knowledge so I can be a better resource to people in the transgender community.

Now, this is where I need help from you guys. If there's a topic you want me to cover or a question you want to ask, please e-mail/Facebook it to me or leave it in a comment on this post. I will tackle topics as often as I can. Nothing is off limits, just try to be kind and socially just. If there's a question I can't (or won't) answer I'll still post it and respond to it, hopefully with some information that you can use to find the answer. I will post questions and topic suggestions anonymously (unless you tell me specifically that I can use your name, in which case it would only be your first name). So, ask/suggest away. I'm looking forward to tackling people's questions and topics head on and helping educate people about the transgender community.

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