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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 68/69- New year's

New Year's Eve was interesting. During the day Holly and I went ice skating with out friend, Kerri. Well, Holly and Kerri skated while I watched, smoked, and went into the warming house to read my book. After that Holly and I went to Target to get "supplies" for the evening (soda and snacks). Then Kayla got home from work. Then we waited until 10:00 PM when Trevor got off of work. He came home and we hung out, ate some snacks, and had some drinks. I think we had a little too much to drink that night. Trevor kept, as I call it, "Edward Cullen-ing" me. Talking about how he feels bad that the transition stuff is hard on me, how he wishes he were a regular guy, asking me if still I still love him, telling me that I would be better off with someone "normal". When this happens I keep the "I love you"s and hugs and kiss coming. I love him so much and can't imagine my life without him. Also, being with someone "normal" wouldn't be as wonderful as our relationship is.

The next day, we sat around. We watched "Easy A" with Kayla, Holly, Kyle, and Megan. After that we all (Kayla, Holly, Trevor and I) got ready to go on our "separate" dates. We ate separately and then met at the movie theater to see "Little Fockers". It was a cute movie but it was also one of those movies that if it hadn't been made no one would feel an empty spot inside. Then we came home and relaxed and then headed off to bed.

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