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Monday, January 17, 2011

Days 82, 83, 84, 85- A weekend away

Friday January 14, 2011:
Two Fridays ago I was going to go to parents' for the weekend since Trevor worked all weekend. So, I thought, 'Hey, what a perfect opportunity to go see some family and friends.' Plus a friend of the family had just passed and I kind of wanted to see people that I had missed at the funeral [since I didn't go because I live in St. Cloud and most of my family and friends live in the St. Paul area]. However, after I spent 20 minutes brushing the snow off my car that had accumulated over Winter Break. Then my car was stuck in its parking space. Once I finally got it out of the lot I noticed that my windshield wipers weren't working. So, I went to fill my car up with gas and to let it run for a minute, and scrape off ALL of the ice and snow. Then I tried to get on the road, however, it was snowing heavily, blizzard, disaster-like snow. My windshield was so covered in water from the snow hitting the windsheild and then melting that I couldn't see a thing. Plus, I was crying and frustrated so I was already having a hard time seeing. Finally, since my cell phone was completely dead, I made the [very smart] decision to turn back and wait until the next day to try and make the journey home. After a while, I went to see "Paranormal Activity 2" in the Atwood Theater with Zach, Ali, Daniel, and Sammie. The movie really freaked me out and I had some kind of psychotic break and lost my mind. I freaked out about having to stay in my apartment, that I was convinced at the time was haunted. So, after a while my friend Ali decided that I wasn't going to stay at my place and that she was taking me to my parents' house. I really appreciated it.

Saturday January 15, 2011:
I spent the weekend at my parents' house. It went so much better than the last time I tried to go home. I only cried once and that was during the day on Saturday when I had nothing to do and was really missing Trevor. But, I watched his video blogs and asked Kayla and Holly to have him call me when he had time. He'd fallen asleep after he got home from work. Then I got ready, went to dinner with my dad and grandpa, then my dad drove to Verizon Wireless to get signed up for a new phone plan and get a cell phone. After that I went to my Nana's house to hang out with her for a while until my mom was done babysitting her friend's kids and grocery shopping. I had such a good time with her. I got to meet her neighbors across the hall, Stacy and Brittany. One of which used to date Trevor's ex-girlfriend. Then Trevor called and we talked for a while. After a while my mom came and picked me up.

Sunday January 16, 2011:
The next day we went to my cousin, Erika's, hockey game. She's 7 and it was so much fun watching her on the ice. Then we went back to my Uncle Paul's to celebrate my Nana's 63rd birthday. We ate and chatted. My uncle's girlfriend, Johanna (pronounced Jo-anna), had lots questions for me about Trevor. She was so sweet about it. She kept saying that she was sorry and that she was clueless. I love those people but I'll cover that in another post. Then my friend, Sarah, text me to see if I want to go to the Gay 90s with her and some friends. I really wanted to go but Ali and Zach were going to come pick me up that night. But, luckily they both wanted to go the 90s, so it all worked out. My best friend, Kate, came with us. It was so nice to go out with friends and to have Kate meet some of my friends from Cloud. I had so much fun at the 90s. I've never really been comfortable going out to bars and dancing but this night was so different. Zach and Ali had to drag me out of the 90s. I was dancing my ass off. I have never felt so confident and sexy out in public. Normally, I would have been so self-conscious and wanted to leave after and hour. This time I was having so much fun. I want to go back so badly. Also, it was my first time going out with friends since I turned 21. My friend Sarah bought me a beer. It was so weird to be drinking a beer, in public, in a club, on the dance floor. It made me feel like a real person. After the 90s Ali, Zach, and I drove back to St. Cloud.

Monday January 17, 2011:
The next day was the "Big Day". It was Monday and we didn't have school (MLK Jr Day). I hadn't seen Trevor since Friday afternoon when he left for work. I got up and took a shower and got ready and after a while drove over to Trevor's. When I walked up to the door I was greeted by a beautiful, smiling man who had a nice, long, passionate kiss for me as soon as I walked through the door. We hung out with Kayla and Holly. Kayla made dinner (breakfast for dinner: french toast, bacon, and scrambled eggs). I was so happy to be back home with my baby and Kayla and Holly.

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